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WeServe is proud to be a professional delivery and logistics service provider in the Saudi market

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WeServe Last Mile Delivery

Seamless, Swift, and WeServe: Your Last Mile Delivery Solution!

"Seamless, Swift, and WeServe: Your Last Mile Delivery Solution! WeServe Last Mile Delivery: The final stretch of your delivery journey deserves a service that's as reliable as it is efficient. WeServe Last Mile Delivery ensures your parcels reach their destination with speed and precision.

WeServe Middle-Mile Delivery

We're not just delivering goods; we're building bridges in your supply chain. WeServe connects your products efficiently, transforming the middle mile into a powerhouse of productivity.

Unlock Middle-Mile with WeServe! Middle-Mile Mastery: When it comes to the middle mile, WeServe is your trusted partner Our expert logistics team takes the complexities out of this crucial journey, ensuring your goods move swiftly and seamlessly.

WeServe Warehouse Services

At WeServe Warehousing Services, we redefine excellence in warehouse services. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in warehouse operation and logistics, ensuring your goods are handled with precision and care.

Streamlined Warehouse Operations: Our warehouse support teams are dedicated to optimizing your supply chain. We streamline complex processes so you can focus on what matters most - your business. Experience the WeServe difference in warehousing – where your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. Partner with us for warehousing services that elevate your business."

WeServe On Demand

Discover WeServe: Your On-Demand Delivery Marketplace!

"Discover WeServe: Your On-Demand Delivery Marketplace!" Your One-Stop Marketplace: At WeServe, we've created a dynamic on-demand delivery marketplace that connects your needs with solutions. Explore a world of convenience and possibilities, all in one place. Delivery, Your Way: Whether it's a parcel, groceries, or anything in between, WeServe's on-demand marketplace lets you choose your delivery preferences. It's all about flexibility and catering to your unique demands.

Last mile

Provide precise and punctual deliveries; transporting products from suppliers to end customer, resulting in improved customer experiences due to our on-time deliveries.


Middle mile

Our middle-mile logistics come before last-mile delivery, offering real-time shipment visibility. We ensure timely, precise, and cost-effective parcel movement from distribution centers to retail outlets.


Today’s warehouses need to manage large B2B deliveries and e-commerce shipments for customers with high expectations. WeServe eases your staffing concerns, reduces your liability, and helps you operate safely your warehouse.

On deman

Experience instant convenience with on-demand delivery services. From food and groceries to rides and more, get what you need when you need it. Fast & Easy - Real-Time Tracking - Flexible Payments.

Fast & secure courier for all your packages

Our team, operating in various cities, accomplishes a daily order volume of 1,000 items, and this figure continues to increase day by day."


Orders: Our team, operating in various cities, accomplishes a daily order volume of 1,000 items, and this figure continues to increase day by day."


Our team are growing week by week with professional training and onboarding team across Saudia Arabia